The Bund: The Reason to Love Shanghai

I <3 Shanghai, indeed I do!
Shanghai is the most international and most privileged city in all of China. Sure, the capital Beijing and center of commerce Guangzhou are equally developed and have an expansive subway system, conveniently extending all the way to their respective airports. However, they lack Shanghai's European flair. Even my Beijing tour guide commented that there was nothing much to do in Beijing other than seeing the Great Wall. Shanghai, on the other hand, was the center of finance, shopping and fashion - consistently named one of the most fashionable cities in Asia and the world. If you've been to other cities in China, you'll notice that Shanghai is palpably more cultured and sophisticated.

The iconic landmark of Shanghai would have to be The Bund, the area beside the Huangpu River. At night, the view becomes three times as beautiful as it is in the daytime. Couples can enjoy a romantic walk while tourists can snap awe-inspiring photos (hopefully you agree) such as these.

Light from the towers refract against the clouds (smog) in the sky, as well as above the surface of the river

Cruises with dinner on board are popular

And the other side is equally spectacular...
Seeing everyone in winter clothing makes the place extra-magical!

It's almost as if the lights power you up to walk all the way to the end of the road!

Everything from the lamp posts to the sidewalk flooring and building facade evoke a sense of nostalgia

Like I said, European flair!


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