Kianggeh Market (Souq?) in BSB, Brunei

The biggest chili peppers I've ever seen. A frightening photo for those who abhor spicy food.

The Kianggeh Market is listed as one of the activities to do in Bandar Seri Begawan on Tripadvisor. Brunei has a reputation for having not much to do so it might be the reason why this place was included in the list. So it's clearly a wet market that's a common sight in just about anywhere else in Southeast Asia, and not a Middle Eastern souq where you can actually go shopping for apparel and accessories. But upon entering, I slowly realized what made this particular wet market one-of-a-kind.

For one, there's a moat around the wet market. How often does that happen?

You can travel on these water taxis to get around in the city. Kind of reminds me of Bangkok's Floating Market, except the selling area is out of reach from the river.
Dried fish and sweets

While the spices weren't necessarily in heaps but instead packed in plastic containers, this sight reminded me the most of souqs in the Middle East. Having visited mosques all over the city may have contributed to this mindset of mine.

...and let's not forget the ladies in hijabs

The splashes of colors under the afternoon sun are scintillating

My first time to see snake fruits (known locally as salak), which are apparently also common in Indonesia and Malaysia

Like I said, water taxis.
I like photos like these, which show a blend of the old and the new. The foreground is a stark contrast to the buildings in the background.


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