Fipper Flip-flops from Malaysia

Do you believe that there are no such things as accidents? Well it probably applies in this case. I had brought my broken Havaianas to Kuala Lumpur by mistake. As a result, the strap broke so I was limping around inside Central Market in Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately, Fipper had a store there. (I just realized a few weeks ago that the brand is in fact, Fipper and not Flipper like I thought this whole time.) Since I was on my way to the Maldives in a few days, I couldn't make do with my sneakers so I bought a pair. Well what can I say, they came in a color I liked, seem to be quite durable and so far, still serve their purpose satisfactorily. I'm glad I got to buy an authentic Malaysian brand of affordable but durable footwear.

They have a really nice website, check them out here:


  1. Agree about these. Found a store and they price were very good


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