Review: Thai-Singaporean Cuisine at Sentosa

Probably the biggest serving of Pad Thai I'll ever come across in Metro Manila

Opening a Singaporean laksa restaurant has actually crossed my mind, back when I thought there weren't much in the metro. Turns out, my memory was being selective again and I had forgotten all about the wonderful Singaporean-Malaysian and Thai restaurants out there. To name a few, there's Sentosa (as featured), Banana Leaf (various locations), Basil, Celadon in Rockwell, Laksa King (a new one in Gilmore). For this post, I get to review Sentosa's Shangri-la Mall branch and how they offered the items on their menu.

The first dish is their Pad Thai, which is a must-try. Their portions are enough for 4-5 people with the noodles nestled in a very generous serving of scrambled egg. The blend of flavors in this dish is always superb.

Next we have the laksa. You can't tell from this photo but it's reaaally oily. It tasted fine but it was the oiliest laksa I've ever come across. But there was a lot of seafood so it kind of makes up for that.

Laksa for one

The Pandan Fried Chicken. It wasn't really all that remarkable, unless you find delight in unwrapping your meal from inside leaves. Pair that with a sweet and sour sauce and it was as typical as typical could be.

And finally, shrimp balls because clearly we made some mistake ordering it. A common staple in Chinese restaurants, we're not sure why we ordered this dish especially since the inside tasted kind of undercooked. But the kitchen confirmed it wasn't so that's that. I was reminded that this dish with its breaded exterior is an excellent absorber of oil when fried so it's the last time I'm ordering this particular dish anywhere.


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