This is NOT a Scarf...

For when you're not feeling that cold

This is. Technically, the above is actually a pashmina. Or as I like to call it, a "manshmina." (After a quick Google search I now know that I didn't coin the term.) This is another one of my favorite finds during my second trip to Siem Reap. I used to think that booking a trip to the same city in a span of three months was a bad idea, because most of the night market selections were pretty much from the previous season, if there's such a thing. I also thought that I'd never go to the Angkor Wat twice but I actually did, and the second time around I got to personally tour my friend while remembering a lot of what the previous tour guide had narrated. 

But after discovering this wonderful accessory (among others) that has kept me warm on numerous occasions, I know that every trip is truly meant to be. 

My manshmina is so huge, I could turn it into a faux poncho.
Does anybody else see stars / Star of Davids? It's like an optical illusion


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