A Scarf to Travel with

Thanks to my little sister who I had to force to model. Deep down I knew she was just making pakipot (pretending to dislike something) and enjoyed every minute of it.

It was sometime during one of my travels when I realized I have a fascination with scarves. I also realized how functional and versatile they were. Not only are they unisex and capable of being styled in any way, but you use them to keep you warm on a cold flight or airport and shield you from the scorching sun, wind burn or dust and smoke in your face, especially when riding a tuktuk in Siem Reap where I bought them. They are known locally as kroma / krama / kroma (each stall seems to have their own transliteration) but you can be certain that: they come cheap (USD 2-3), in a variety of colors, 2-3 sizes, and they definitely help out the locals with their livelihood. I support this industry wholeheartedly.

Imagine my surprise when after scouring through the night market stalls and flipping dozens of them over, I was able to find these scarves in the exact color I want: mint green and blue green. How often does that happen?


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