Photography: Boutique Hotel in Xiamen

I have three criteria whenever I choose hotels for my travels: price (or value for money), location and reviews. Which is why my expectations were greatly exceeded when I booked Xiamen Violet Cloudland Hotel. Don't let the odd name fool you, this boutique hotel is actually a recently-renovated property which has retained its vintage charms from being a centuries-old house. The rooms were small but cozy. It's just a bit difficult to find as you have to go through a couple of alleyways in a rather safe neighborhood of residences and other hostels. The photo above is taken in the open-air common area of the hotel in the morning. I applied a sepia tone to it and I find it perfect like that. 

The next time I go to Xiamen, I definitely know where I'm staying.


  1. Wow, that's a great view right there! :) I'll be sure to check it out when I go to Xiamen :D Nice

    1. Thanks Alvin! Glad you liked it. The Chinese name of the hotel is pretty much "Xiamen Violet Cloud" in case you need to know. :)


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