That time I... splurged on in-flight food

Somewhere between the skies from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi in the evening, I discovered my favorite budget carrier: Vietjetair. As an airline that caters mostly to local Vietnamese and domestic destinations in Vietnam, their in-flight menu was noticeably cheap - a far cry from usual budget airline tactics of charging exorbitant amounts for tiny meals and drinks, like Cebu Pacific does. So naturally, I just gave in to my hunger and ordered whatever I wanted, which my seatmate found weird. "Silly foreigner," he must have been thinking. I also bought one of their souvenir keychains. Unfortunately, they ran out of plane models so I bought a van instead, much to my dismay. (Why did they even make those anyway!?)

Having also found the service by the crew commendable, overall I had a pleasant flight experience. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up on Skytrax's list of best budget carriers soon. Check them out at


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