Art: Batik from Kuala Lumpur

Batik is a form of hand-painted fabrics or textiles popular in Malaysia and in other Southeast Asian nations. It can also be used to call the colorful piece of clothing worn by Malaysian men and women during formal occasions. 

While not necessarily having originated from Kuala Lumpur, I first came across it in the Malaysian capital's popular Central Market, in a shop on the second floor. There were a lot of designs to choose from (a lot of them the same) which makes you think they were mass-produced, albeit by hand. They are sold quite affordably but it doesn't hurt to ask if the vendor could still lower the price. I recall her having refused at first, but after a few laughs I was surprised that she eventually gave in to my offer and took less money than the item sold for.

From years of experience, bargaining is now my brain's initial and automatic response whenever I'm in a shopping setting. What about yours? :)


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