Kyoto in Black and White

Most of the kimono girls are tourists renting the outfit with hair and makeup, but nobody minds at all.
Wish there were more of them though! All photos taken in June 2014.

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I was really lucky to have stumbled upon Higashiyama / Sannen-zaka shopping street while going online and looking at the map during my stay in Kyoto. It was roughly a 10-minute bus ride from our hotel, so it was totally meant for us to go there and the nearby temples including Kiyomizu-dera. We had a good feeling the moment we stepped on the bus - half of the passengers were men and women dressed in kimonos! That's when we realized we were definitely going the right way. Not only did a wonderful sight welcome us when we got there, but I also discovered where all the mochi of different flavors being offered as free samples were! And I happen to *adore* mochi.

From the moment I was there, I instinctively knew that a lot of these scenes would look much better in black and white. Monochrome photos evoke a sense of nostalgia, mystery, or just pure silence. So I couldn't wait to go home and edit hand-picked photos on my computer. These are the surreal results of my vision.

This photo could almost pass for a photo from a hundred years ago. The old man in the cap helped a lot.

Japanese schoolgirls climbing the stairs to the top. Careful not to let anyone see between your legs, girls!

More Japanese schoolgirls, and a seemingly time-traveling lady from the 80s taking a photo of them with her smartphone.

Why do I feel this semi-barefoot monk (?) is an expert in martial arts?
Kiyomizu-dera in the background.
Four kimono-donning travel friends and their shadows

The same kimono friends

Making the pilgrimage
This is probably what a typical summer day looks like here in the last few centuries.

Carrying an umbrella makes the ladies look even more quaint.

MANLY. Because kimonos aren't just for women...

...they're totally for men too, including the pouches.
Because the pouches complete the look.
Pretty travelers from Hong Kong share a moment.

Wishing for hope, luck, love, peace and inspiration... many before her have done.


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