One Day Stopover in Taoyuan, Taipei

Impressive Romanesque architecture in the city

The first time I explored Taoyuan was in 2011. Incidentally, it was also the first time I traveled solo, the first time couchsurfing and the first of many annual trips to Taipei so it was quite a liberating experience. Because I arrived late at night, I thought I had to stay overnight in Taoyuan where the airport was. I didn't know city buses to Taipei were still expecting the last flight to arrive. I now know to take the bus to Taipei even when it's 1am.

This time around, I intentionally left the airport to stay overnight in Taoyuan because my next flight to Sapporo was almost 24 hours later. I'm glad I chose China Airlines and a stopover here because, like the rest of Taipei, there is more than enough to explore for a day!

Fancy temple

Caught by a pretty schoolgirl at the chicken chop shop
More Romanesque architecture

This is just a sidewalk stall, but there are almost as many night markets in Taoyuan as there are in Taipei!

My first time to depart from the magnificent Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International Airport

This terminal is clearly the better, newer one

But first, let me check into the lounge before boarding

Taiwanese balls and buns and some milk tea!

Lastly, a view of the Terminal 1 arrival hall


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