Nagoya Day Trip

The Ferris Wheel on a mall, in the middle of the city. Nice.

Previously, they were just train stops on the Shinkansen. But this year was the first time I really got to explore Nagoya, right after coming from Kyoto. Nagoya seemed to be all-business at a first glance, but you can find a lot of things to do here. 

The main reason why we were here in the first place was because of our return flight, which was from Nagoya. I booked this flight because it's a new route and we had a chance to see a new airport. I was lucky to have chosen a hotel, the 4-star the B hotel, which was in the ultra posh district of Sakae. This area also came with its own subway station and extensive number of exits. Most prominent attractions in this area would be the Nagoya TV Tower and a ferris wheel on a mall balcony, smack right on the corner of an intersection. Other activities included visiting the shopping streets of Akamon and Osu Niomon-dori (along with its parallel streets), as well as a main attraction of the Osu Kannon Temple. There are also plenty of department stores in the area.

Not bad for an overnight trip in the city, am I right?

Busy Sakae street with lots of pachinko game parlors

Actually, the shopping areas can be found behind me

Osu Kannon Temple with its big banners...

...and flocks of pigeons. Perfect for photography

Osu Niomon-dori shopping street. Lots of fantastic bargains and 100 Yen shops! A must-visit!
Fewer people passing by could mean vendors giving in more easily to discounts

Sadly, not this store. I wanted that pouch to go with the yukata I bought in Nara two years earlier

Discovered this hidden temple using the map

Nagoya TV Tower, the perfect landmark

They have one too!


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