Phuket, Thailand Highlights + Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort Review

Coral Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Last year, I had the chance to visit Phuket for the first time as a side trip from Bangkok and Yangon (Myanmar, also my first time.) Like most of Thailand, there were lots of tourists but the beaches with white sand and clear, aquamarine waters were irrefutably some of the best in the world, rivaling the likes of Boracay (Philippines), Maldives, Palau, etc. The night life is also reminiscent of that of Boracay, although it isn't necessarily located beachfront.

How I take a photo of my friends:
How my friends take a photo of me:

(none because they rarely offer to do so and even if there was, there wasn't a single decent picture of me :/)

So I just took a selfie:

The public beach is called Patong Beach which naturally, can get crowded:

Other activities apart from Island Hopping include snorkeling (below) and scuba diving (we didn't need to have a license.)

As for the night life or some massage, there's Bangla Walking Street:

Like Bangkok, the street food and night market scene here is incredible! Because of limited tables, here's what we brought back to our resort: pad thai (chicken and seafood) with several additional scoops of peanuts for me, Nutella crepe, mango with sticky rice and tempura shrimp (the odd one out, but we're located by the sea after all.)

And speaking of hotels/resorts, I got a good deal from the Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort.
Like most hotels here, they provided free airport transfers and a van shuttle going to downtown.

The room was luxurious and the king bed was big enough for three people ;)

And it came with a jacuzzi in the balcony, which was on the whole time, but we never got to use it. It was overlooking...

...One of the several infinity pools that had a relaxing view of the mountains:

The restaurant for breakfast found above the reception was bright and airy:

And breakfast came with a soothing view like this:

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