Biyaheroes: Local Travel Made Easy!

The setup of the stage area that night fondly reminds you of taking old school buses and jeeps.

If you're from Manila and you plan to visit popular local tourist destinations still located within Luzon such as Vigan and Pagudpod in the Ilocos region, chances are you would have taken the bus since it's normally cheaper than taking flights (if you can endure 10 hours on the road that is.) But the only problem is that so far, you would have to physically visit the bus terminal to fall in line and buy your tickets.

Wouldn't it be better if we could just do it online? In fact, isn't it time that we could? Thankfully, like a godsend from heaven, now there's Biyaheroes (punny, because commuting in the Philippines can be a heroic feat, right?) Biyaheroes allows you to easily and simply book your bus tickets online from Metro Manila to certain destinations. 

The launch party was held just last month in Cubao where several local travel bloggers were invited for a night of being introduced to the service, dinner, fun games and a raffle draw where I was able to win a round trip ticket to both Marinduque and Quezon! It was certainly a lucky night for me. In hindsight, I should have bet on the lottery that night.

Traditional Vigan cuisine was served that night.

Their website is incredibly easy to use that a five-year-old could book a ticket and run away from home (not that I'm encouraging it.) In addition to reserving your bus tickets, booking online also lets you choose your preferred seat (between aisle or window). On top of that, you get a freebie (choose among bottled water, folding fan, tumblr, bag tag, T-shirt or umbrella) - all of which can be handy for your trip - and even earn points on your bookings. All these for a minimal 10% service fee, which I think is worth it given all the benefits you can receive. The payment method is also convenient, which can be made online banking via Dragonpay, or you may also personally pay at your nearby convenience store if you prefer. 

If you're ever planning a spontaneous trip to the mountains over the weekend to escape the overpopulation, traffic and pollution of Manila, you know where to book!


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I happen to have been seated behind the two founders of food and lifestyle blog,

The people behind Biyaheroes. Some of them are graduates from UP and Ateneo. I salute them!

Open panel discussion for representatives of Biyaheroes, PARTAS and Jac Liner bus companies and local tourism offices.


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