Tokyo Airport's Best Last-Minute Souvenir!


It's not just matcha. It's...

Forget pics; souvenirs or it didn't happen.

Your friends and family can probably use this against you. I'm sure this has happened to every traveler: you enjoyed your trip so much that you completely forgot to buy anything to give out as a souvenir, or even to keep one for yourself. By the time you realize this, hopefully you still have a few minutes left before your flight is scheduled to depart.

This was exactly what happened to me at one time when I was at Narita Airport. Luckily, there was a shop located right beside my boarding gate! I saw several boxes of different special-flavored KitKat for sale! I didn't have much time so I just picked the flavor that I thought represented Japan the best: sakura matcha.

One box like the above one costs around 1620yen. This is expensive in comparison to the regular matcha Kitkat below, which costs an average of 300yen per pack for 12 pieces of 2 bars each.

But anyway, the sakura matcha variety contains 10 boxes containing 3 packs of 2 bars each.

Which I believe looks perfect as a souvenir / gift :) 

Melted a little bit at the bottom due to warmth, but nonetheless still delicious!
Open one up, and bon appetit!


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