Starting this Photo Blog

My stash from my most recent trip to Jeju Island in South Korea: various fruit-flavored chocolate treats,  orange-flavored cereal bars and a free teddy bear from Teseum, a teddy bear museum.

About to start this photo blog...

Having traveled to quite a number of Asian countries in the past two years, some people have suggested for me to start a blog so I've also been considering it for a while now. I've been putting it off partly because I felt I couldn't commit to it, and partly because I didn't want to be just like every other travel blog out there, showcasing one's travel escapades/adventures/exploits. After all, I've successfully satiated my yearning to write by having my articles published by a number of local magazines already - once a high school dream now fulfilled. But recently, like a lot of the times I have bright ideas, I came up with the perfect unique angle to finally launch my travel photo blog - and that's to share all the stuff and clothing I bought from traveling (including the price and where to get them) - primarily. Yes, I clearly love to shop, but (believe it or not) not as much as I used to back when I had the luxury of a parent-subsidized credit card. I will also inevitably upload photos of various cuisines, travel tips and even trip preparations. Did I mention I run a travel agency full-time? See

And there you have it. I look forwarding to sharing a lot of engaging content with bloggers and readers who share the same passion for traveling and shopping as I do. 

Posting soon,


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